GetRight Profiles and Listings are Promotion and Marketing Money-Making Tools.

GetRight Level

GetRight Profiles Help You Create Your Brand.

I look at this site as one of my favorite online pastimes.  If you can make money at your pastime then you’re living the dream.  The goal is to create a place I can share content that I feel others might enjoy.  As I curate, I’ll be helping someone promote their music, art, business, service, or whatever, in other words, their “GetRight”.   Your GetRight is that thing you love to indulge in that you’d love to get paid to indulge in.  This is why I named the listings “GetRight Profiles”

Our promotion and marketing listings (GetRight Profiles) are like Facebook pages that you create for different types of content that you curated and wish to market and promote as part of your personal brand.  The great thing about the listings is they are easy to share.  Unlike Facebook, the people you promote a listing to doesn’t have to be logged in just to see and share the listing.  They can be seen and spread freely by email, phone text messengers, and all the social media platforms(Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter, etc).  This means your audience isn’t limited by algorithms or platform restraints.

What makes our listings money-making tools is the fact you can rent space on your listings to businesses, clients, content creators, other marketers.  For example, If you create and promote a listing for a music single, you can “Feature” other listings you’ve created on that listing in order to help drive traffic to the other listings.  You also can feature a Tweet or Instagram post from any public account on those platforms and arrange monetary compensation from the featured account holder.  This means you can use our promotion and marketing listings to make money in many different ways.  Another example, If you’re a fashion model you can use pics of yourself modeling an outfit and feature links to the store where the product can be purchased.  There are so many ways to use the listings to market and promote, you’re only limited by your imagination.  Let us know of any new idea you have and we will work to implement it.