How and Why You Should Become the Number #1 Tastemaker and Influencer in Your Area

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Why You Should Become the Number #1 Tastemaker and Influencer in Your Area.

The Number #1 Reason to become the top influencer in your community is MONEY.

In the very near future, practically right now, most traffic on the internet will be through connections to people on social media.  Social media has become such a force in marketing that you hardly see any advertisement that isn’t paid for.  Every ad in your social feed is paid for advertising.  Most of us don’t like them and we’ve become so suspicious of placed ads that the content most people really trust is through friends they know.  We’re more likely to go to a place our friends have visited and given a good report than to go to a place thrown in our feed through targeting.

Viewed in the right context this is a great opportunity for individuals who want to take advantage of this rising situation.   Just by being the influencer/tastemaker people in your area trust for solid leads on going places to visit and patronize you put yourself in a position of power.  Power translates into money when channeled the right way.

The GetRight Spot is the marketing platform designed to channel the Power of Influencer/Tastemaker marketing.  We are making sure we give promoters and marketers what they need to be all they can be and more.  By taking charge and being the lead tastemaker in your area you put yourself in a position to be the middle person to guiding commerce in your city, town, region, state, country, and continent.  As we all know, the middle man always makes their MONEY.  You can use your influence to help businesses and people offering their services, all for a fee of course.  The more influential you become the more money you can make.

Join Us and Let us Show You How To Make Money Using The GetRight Spot! 

We discuss the ins and outs of marketing through a site like The GetRight Spot! in our forums.  Hit the link above to join the discussion and give your advice or ask questions.  We believe in talking strategy so the topics are usually numbered steps of ideas we believe should be taken now.  If the ideas prove less than effective or we come up with better ideas we can adjust on the fly.  We can change the strategy and/or add new ideas as we go.  It’s better to try and fail while discovering what works than to get bogged down in untried ideas stuck in the discussion.



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