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Roy Oliver - Hybrid CMO

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Roy Oliver - Hybrid CMO 

Roy Oliver brings 20+ Years of Global WorkEx.

Worked OnSite and Mostly Remote with Businesses in the US, UK, Australia, Dubai & India/

Roy started his professional career way back in the late 90s, as he was graduating from University. The first part of his career was into Sales with the Media Industry, working with leading media brands in Mumbai and Delhi, India, which continued for 5 years post graduation. Thereafter, armed with the knowledge and expertise, Roy started functioning as an Independent PR and Marketing Consultant for SMB's, Trade Bodies, and Semi Large Enterprises, based on his relationships built within the Media and Clients. After the dawn of the Internet in India, since 2011, Roy has been servicing clients across the US, UK, Australia, Dubai and India, as a Remote/On Site  CMO or Digital Marketing Lead.

Roy is also a Visiting Faculty on Inbound Marketing, at MICA, Ahmedabad, one of the leading Marketing Institutes in India. Beyond the 20+ years of Diverse Experience in Sales, Business Development, PR & Marketing, Roy has multiple certifications from Hubspot, Google, LinkedIn, NorthWestern University, as a Professional Digital Inbound Marketer.

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