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Aleksandra King

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Aleksandra King

I am a creative communicator with relentless drive and ambition delivering results that always exceed expectations. I love the world of branding and communications as I believe in the business of standing out and standing proud as this is a critical skill in today's 'crowded' marketplace. I am a former 'BBC The Apprentice' candidate, I regularly feature on the BBC business radio panel, write features for media outlets and I have worked at the world renowned, specialist fashion Universtiy, Istituto Marangoni, as a visiting lecturer on branding, PR and marketing.

With my consultancy business, I help clients to communicate to audiences by co-ordinating projects and occasionally acting as an Ambassador, communicating directly with audiences on behalf of my clients at events, through video and in sales presentations.


How and Why You Should Become the Number #1 Tastemaker and Influencer in Your Area

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