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Dylan Cartlidge's song 'Molasses(Walk the Walk)' is available on 'GetRight Radio' which is an online radio channel. You will find the channel when you go to The song can be ranked a bit higher or even lower whatever you decide to do at the Charts section of the website. Give the song the ranking that it deserves. When the artist finds that out, they want to know what to do in future songs in order to entertain the other fans a lot better. Dylan Cartlidge actually explained the meaning of the song a while back and it is about running into roadblocks when you are on your way to accomplishing what you want to do in your life. He goes on and says you should not let things get to you until you give it all you got. Molasses(Walk the Walk) has a nice beat to it that you can't help but nod your head to such a fantastic beat. It turns out he based the song on his past childhood experiences and he uses music to let everything out. Everyone uses a variety of things to do that, it's better to stuff that makes you happy.



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