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Once You Get That Powerful Idea, Hold on and Don't Let Go.

Another inspirational funky joint by B.T. Express titled "Once You Get It" inspires me to keep on keeping on. It is great to have a soundtrack or theme music when we're on this Elevation Journey.
We live this life all seeking something to be passionate about. I found my passion when I had the Bodybyloud! idea. This thing makes me feel alive just thinking about it. This song is a reminder that Once you find that thing you're passionate about, hold on to it and don't let it go.
Thomas Troward, the master thinker, and my mentor, once said "If you believe an idea is powerful, then that idea is powerful." Those of you that have your powerful idea know what I mean when I say the idea is the journey. Expressing the idea is the journey. The more I express the idea that is Bodybyloud! The GetRight Spot! the more I am energized to keep creating. I love the entire process of defining and establishing this brand. I love every lesson I learn along the way.
This is why I love this song by B.T. Express. To me, They're saying once you get that passionate idea hold on to it and don't let go. Hold on to it till you get everything you can get out of it. Just like the funk in this song, the journey of expression your idea is its own reward.
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