What is (The Love Algorithm) in Content Marketing?

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The Love Algorithm Harnesses the Power of [Love For Love] Content Marketing

The love algorithm is a content marketing strategy that focuses on harnessing the power of fan/group/follower/co-creator relationships. 
Once a content creator puts their content  out there for the world to consume, whether it’s a podcast, YouTube video, new music track or blog post, it then becomes their duty to connect with whoever gives them love for the content.  We are living in times where there is plenty of content to consume.  Content marketing requires content creators to connect with fans and followers.  This connection is essential to spreading the word about the created content.  

Word of mouth is an important aspect of The Love Algorithm

Social sharing is word-of-mouth in today’s content marketing scene. It’s a must that we incorporate follow backs and interactions with content sharers into your routine.  The days of just putting out content and waiting for people to spread it without encouragement is over. The content creator is their own primary marketer.  They must finesse the love algorithm into more shares/word-of-mouth promotion.  
The content creator should be searching for their content on all social media platforms and saying thank you to those sharing their content.  It’s also an opportunity to see what people are saying about their content.  Wherever the conversation is about your content is where the content creator should spend some of their time.  These are the people most likely to spread the word.  They really appreciate the creators attention.  If this isn’t feasible then someone should be hired to do these things.  “Stans” will jump at the opportunity to represent the content creator online.

Love for Love means Appreciate the love to get more love

People witnessing appreciation for actions like content sharing are more likely to do more sharing. This helps spread the content to more people. This in turn gives the content creators access to more people to show appreciation to, which keeps the cycle growing. Recognize those sharing your content in some kind of way, shoutouts, retweets, likes, whatever.

The least a content creator can do is show appreciation by

  • Like the tweet or post, their content was shared on
  • retweet their shared content
  • follow your most ardent supporters promoters/stans
  • foster a group effort in promotion by connecting the people that take interest in your content.
  • if it’s a podcast or YouTube video give a shout-out or personal hello to most active supporters
  • Say ‘thank you’ to supporters (should have been at top)