The Top 5 Reasons to Promote Your Music on a Content Curation Site

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  1. Exposure:  Every music artist wants exposure for their music. Your music needs exposure to interested individuals. Content curation sites are usually visited by people looking for new music. You have to be there to be discovered.
  2. The conversation about your music:  people talk about the music they discover.  Your music deserves to be the topic of discussion. It’s a great way to talk to people who just found your music. Let the people know you appreciate them discussing your music by being a part of the conversation.
  3. Ratings and reviews:  content curation sites are often frequented by music critics and aficionados who like to rate and review music. This can be a source of honest feedback about your music production and talent.
  4. Connect with business professionals:  Promoters and marketers are often on the lookout for new and underrepresented talent. On a content curation site, music business professionals can easily contact you for business opportunities from bookings to music leasing. To be found you need to be where they can find you and your music. Put your music on a site where you can categorize yourself and attract people who may be looking for what you offer.
  5. Friends and fans can easily share your music. On a content curation site, you don’t have to be a member of the site to share with everyone you know. What’s better than that is the fact that your family and friends don’t have to be users of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your music. They can share it right from the browser of the device they are using. This frees your content for mass consumption. Your music won’t be behind a membership wall forcing marketers and lovers of your music to push your content through a window in the wall. They can send it directly through text messages if they wish.

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