The Top 5 Reasons to Promote Your Music on a Content Curation Site

GetRight Level

As an Independent music artist, you have to know how to market music and promote your music yourself. This or have a devoted friend do it for you. You finally get to hire someone to do this job IF you have some monetary success, which often comes due to the effectiveness of your music marketing, or you get a recording contract. Until then, you’re always seeking a way to get your music the best exposure possible. When it comes to music promotion, it’s well known that the best exposure is through lovers of your music. The lovers of your music are an artist’s best promoters. This is why it’s best to put your music where the lovers of your music can easily find it share it.

Content curation sites are places for your music to be discovered and here are 5 reasons why your music should be on them.

  1. Exposure:  Every music artist wants exposure for their music. Marketing platforms and Content curation sites are spots for people with particular tastes, who are looking for new music, to find music curated by tastemakers and influencers they connect with. People who have a particular taste know people who have similar tastes. Birds of a feather flock together. We often can’t wait to share things with people we feel will appreciate them because we know they have similar tastes. This means the music will be first shared with friends of those who love your music to those they feel will love it too. We call this The Love Algorithm and it’s the best exposure possible because it keeps on spreading. The GetRight Spot! is an influencer marketing platform designed to make it easy for The Love Algorithm to work for you.
  2. The conversation about your music:  people talk about the music they discover.  Your music deserves to be the topic of discussion. It’s a great way to talk to people who just found your music. Let the people know you appreciate them discussing your music by being a part of the conversation.
  3. Ratings and reviews:  content curation sites are often frequented by music critics and aficionados who like to rate and review music. This can be a source of honest feedback about your music production and talent.
  4. Connect with business professionals:  Promoters and marketers are often on the lookout for new and underrepresented talent. On a content curation site, music business professionals can easily contact you for business opportunities from bookings to music leasing. To be found you need to be where they can find you and your music. Put your music on a site where you can categorize yourself and attract people who may be looking for what you offer.
  5. Friends and fans can easily promote your music. On a content curation site, you don’t have to be a member of the site to share with everyone you know. What’s better than that is the fact that your family and friends don’t have to be users of Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter to share your music. They can share it right from the browser of the device they are using. This frees your content for mass consumption. Your music won’t be behind a membership wall forcing marketers and lovers of your music to push your content through a window in the wall. They can send it directly through text messages if they wish.