Promote Your Favorite Places and “GetRight Spots”

GetRight Level

Things are changing ever so fast right now. The world is adjusting to what some are calling a pandemic. I refuse to use that term because of my elevation-conscious mentality. That term does not describe life as I see it. I consciously choose to recognize Life is good all the time and there can be no hindrance to my good. For those, who see life as I do we just wish to enjoy life and have it more abundantly. However, the fear mindset of many has caused changes to what is available to be enjoyed. It’s harder to know what is still open for business and what is closed. This makes it the perfect opportunity to promote to the world the places that are good and open to us.

In order to help businesses regain momentum or for new ventures to get the word out, we at The GetRight Spot! ask everyone to tell the world about their favorite places or ‘GetRight Spots”. Share the places that you wouldn’t want to see go away due to lack of support. Places like local restaurants with the best dishes, or food trucks providing delicious street food need our promotional support. Gyms, spas, and salons that we want to prosper could use some shoutouts or what we call loudtalk. Our favorite bars, clubs, and lounges with the best music and drinks need our help on social media. The GetRight Spot is the website for helping to promote our favorite spots.

To tell the world about your favorite places, All you have to do is add a GetRight Spot profile of the place you love so much. Fill out all the fields of the listing providing the details about the place you wish to share, like social media links and location.

Share Your GetRight Status

Don’t forget to share your “GetRight Status” as the author of the listing. This is your opportunity to say something uniquely person about this place or something else you wish people to know about. Whenever people discover this listing they will get a glimpse at what you wish to say. This can be used any way you wish. You can use it to share an affirmation, some words of wisdom, or to promote something uniquely personal. Often it’s easier to guide people to something through something else. I like to use the GetRight status, on the listings I author, to share words of wisdom. For example, you can use music to spread other ideas. Sometimes I will use the GetRight status space, on a music single listing, to share a blog post about elevation. I mostly use the status as a gateway to lead others to uplifting ideas about life. However, how you use the space is up to you. I believe it can be a powerful way to advance ideas you believe in. A popular listing can really help spread an idea.

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