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Ali Qasim

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I’m an Entrepreneur who lives in Karachi, Pakistan,

I’m a certified graphic designer but didn’t take it as profession, in 2005 I was focused on learning Computer Courses and English Language, I wasn’t really interested in Academic, after finishing my college I started doing some jobs for pocket money and for experiences, I completed my IATA GDS Airline Ticketing course and got certified so decided to work in a travel agency to earn some more experience about the field which I really liked but this travel agency job has taught me much more than just a job experience, I learned so much about the attitude of employees with each other and ego of bosses which made me to decide that I will never do a job and will focus to start my own business, I wanted to start my own travel agency during this period but suddenly clothing business got my attention so in 2015, I started my first project name “Inspirem Clothing” and launched it in Dubai, I named it Inspirem which stands with the case of “Inspirem Them”, Inspirem Clothing just did fine that time, during this period I was active on Twitter, from 2013 to 2015 I always asked some senior bloggers to teach me about Digital Marketing and make me a part of their campaigns even they don’t have to pay me anything because I just wanted to learn but I guess it was my luck that no one took me in any campaign or taught me about it so I decided to learn it by my own, during all this digital marketing learning process in 2017 I was learning Advance English from a well known institute in Karachi and an incident happened over there where I raised my voice for the right thing but then I realized that administration doesn’t really care about a student or their learning progress, they are only interested in Student’s Fee Schedule, so I decided to start my own English Language institute with a name “Inspirem English Language Club” and asked one of my English teacher to become a trainer in that institute because he really had some impressive skills and I have learned so much from him, later he left the institute, then I kept on learning about Educational Institutes, Training and Institute Management System, I have learned Advance English Language,have done IELTS/TOEFL and American English Courses including Webinar Series but still never decided to teach in my own campuses because I felt I’m not good enough as a teacher for students, during this time I was facing many issues in my institute, people cheated me their commitments, I was losing huge amount of money every month then I had an idea and I started some other event projects as well so I can increase my knowledge and learn more about business which I’m in by inviting students to participate in our programs, by collaborating with other Educational Institutes and by organizing Debate or Learning Events where I can also learn what today’s students actually want, in 2019, I started Trending Sharks Pakistan, a Digital Marketing Agency with one of my old friend Arham Imtiaz, I have learned a lot from him about Digital Marketing and he has always been a great business partner, now jumping ahead and making the introduction short, right now I own few other projects under the name of Inspirem Group, For Example. “English Language Institutes, Travel Agency, Immigration and Consultancy, Motors, Medical/Dental Supplies and Others. I’m giving my best to each one of my project, working on these different businesses because doing an adventure in this age is the best opportunity to build an empire, I also write blogs and write down my opinions about the Topics, Issues or Situations which I think I should write about, I wrote my first children’s book name “Jonathon’s Christmas” in 2017, it was a short story book for kids which is now also available online on this website, writing another story book which is definitely for grown ups, in 2017 I started Ali Qasim Foundation to work for humanity and animals, to try for the betterment of Health, Education and provide food to the needy people. I’m also the Founder/Chairman of these Social Projects “Informal Baithak Pakistan and International Chapters, Pakistan Business Society, Pakistan Betterment Council and Furte Jam Session”. I also own a Cricket team name Inspirem Karachi Warriors and Basketball Team for Men and Women both with the name “Inspirem Hawks”, there’s so much to share with you, so feel free to contact me through this website or you can follow me on my social media accounts. Thank you

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Karachi, Pakistan

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