The New Music Single profile gets your latest track seen, heard and discussed all at once.

GetRight Level

The New Music Single profile is all you need for worldwide promotion.

Let the world see your new video on YouTube and hear your new music single on SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Spotify and Apple Music, all in one profile.

In addition to that, you get the ability to stay in the conversation about your new track in the Reviews section on the profile. This is a promotion dream for many up and coming artist. No more having to check YouTube or a Facebook page to see what listeners think.

Social media follow is a breeze now.

Your new music profile contains an icon link to whatever social media platforms you participate on. We included a custom twitter feed so fans don’t have to leave your music to check out your latest antics.

I think we saved the best for last. Now you have the ability to stay in the conversation about your music. The comments section on the new music single profile is made to keep your new listeners engaged with other people interested in your new track. It allows you to give them information on the fly as well.