#MusicConnoisseurs submit hot new music to Bodybyloud.FM by way of Spotify collaborative playlist.

GetRight Level

The #MusicConnoisseurs Bodybyloud.FM Submissions playlist is an idea I came up with to do what I’m always attempting to do. That is, find a way to make whatever I want to do, less work. This is what intelligence is for, right, to make life better and more enjoyable. This playlist owes it’s existence to my intelligence and laziness.

The goal of all my online effort is to bring what I want to me.

This Spotify collaborative playlist originates and comes from this idea. How do I get new music, I like, to come to me? This playlist came to me a plausible answer.

The playlist helps me find music and people who groove to the same type of music I groove to. I created The GetRight Spot! in order to express the music I like while connecting with like-minded #MusicConnoisseurs. The music groups are for vibing with music lovers who dig what I like.

Bodybyloud.FM presents the best of music I discover. Through an online radio station called GetRight Radio, I let the music do its thing. The music we play is #GetRightMusic, and the curator is me, Bodybyloud! Vint.

Check out GetRight Radio to get a feel of what I like and for the love of #GetRightMusic feel free to add music you feel deserves my attention. I purge the playlist from time to time so don’t be hurt or feel some kinda way if the track you added goes missing. It just means you gotta come funkier and groovier. Take it as a challenge, not a diss. It’s all Good because it’s all Love.

Bodybyloud.FM is GetRIght Radio

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