Best New Music for the Month of August 2019 – YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music Playlist

GetRight Level

My choice for the Best New Music for the Month of August 2019

The music I’ve been discovering for the first half of 2019 has been pretty good. No more do I believe that it’s difficult to find good music. I have realized you have to dig through a lot of “not ready” efforts to uncover the gems. B, March, I decided to raise the bar for what made it to a monthly playlist. I was finding enough “keepers” to feel free enough to cut the tracks I was stretching to like. By “stretching” I mean I was adding them because I thought others may like them. Now, I say if the playlist is only ten tracks long, it’ll be the ten tracks I honestly dig. I started this journey with the desire to find, and help others with similar tastes, find our “GetRight Music“. This requires staying true to what I like. Of course, I reserve the right to remove tracks I only liked for a moment.