May 2020 #GetRightMusic Curated by Bodybyloud!

GetRight Level


The May 2020 music curated by Bodybyloud! includes a variety of sounds from artists from several different genres. .  The playlist features artists the likes of Yella Beezy,  YebbaOscar Welsh, Doja Cat, and Oliver Malcolm just to name a few.  Bodybyloud! handpicks the music on this playlist according to our personal taste. We select music by the feel of it.  My music ear was raised in the ’70s/’80s so the playlist reflects soul and groove.  No matter the variety in genre, you can always rest assured that the music grooves, or we wouldn’t have claimed it as #getrightmusic.

The Consciousness that is Bodybyloud!’s GetRightMusic

The purpose of these playlists is to express a music vibe.  At first, I wanted to see what was out there musically when it comes to popular music.  I began listening to a weekly new music playlist and decided to curate songs for my own playlist and present my taste to others.  The idea has progressed and now we have A music station with a singular consciousness behind the music.  GetRight Radio presents a musical brand that is Bodybyloud!  The music is a mix of soul, funk, rock, blues, pop, and house music with splashes of jazz and country.  This mix forms the musical consciousness that is Bodybyloud!’s GetRightMusic.


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