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To be an influencer you have to have a area of influence. This area of influence is that idea you decide to focus on in this multifaceted thing called life. In marketing, this is your niche and it’s quite difficult to be an influencer without one. This niche often determines or indicates your “lane”. In all honesty, it’s hard to say whether you choose your lane or your lane chooses you. If fashion is something you can’t help but talk about then naturally this is your niche or lane or area of influence if your work it properly.

Marketing Requires Strategy

Choosing a niche or lane is an important part of your overall strategy. It allows you as an influencer to narrow your focus and cultivate an audience that respects your dedication and passion for your niche. This respect is oh so important in marketing and promoting. This respect carries over to what you endorse, which has a profound effect on your success, because it adds value to it. The power of your influence comes from your respect in your lane. A basketball player can sell far more basketball shoes and an average joe because of the respect which is clout in that niche. The same goes for a fashion designer.

The Right Platform

Once you have a niche and a strategy, you need a platform that makes your efforts as an influencer shine. I may get in trouble with the marketing gurutfir saying this but isolation on your own website puts you on the sidelines. While working your tail off on a platform that provides you only 1(one) link and a feed that’s more of a post graveyard subjects you to the tyranny of an algorithm. Influencers deserve a platform that allows them to express more aspects of their brand yet allows them to be discovered by exploring minds.

The GetRight Spot strives to be that platform. Here you can express yourself and give you clients the full exposure they deserve, not to mention we are designed to help you make MONEY. We provide you with space to rent out as you please. If you need anything else we’re here to provide features and assistance. We are The GetRight Spot, the coolest influencer marketing platform on the planet.


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