How to create a professional music artist profile and why you need one

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Why you need a professional music artist profile.

If you an independent music artist you understand how important it is to provide as much interesting information about your music and yourself. The music industry is saturated with record label backed artist and self-promoting independent artists. It’s difficult enough just being noticed, more importantly heard. This means when you get someone’s attention you want all your info at their fingertips.

They should be able to check out your YouTube channel, SoundCloud or Bandcamp account, and your music on Apple Music or Spotify. You want them to do this all in one profile page. The is why we at The GetRight Spot created the Music Artist GetRight Profile. It showcases your music and social media accounts All in one profile!

How to create an independent music artist profile.

It’s quite easy to get the Music Artist GetRight profile just join The GetRight Spot and register/create a music artist profile.

Fill out all the fields in the registration form to the the full effect of what a GetRight profile can do for you.